Put blockchain to work for your business.

Data is essential to every facet of the health and healthcare industry. That’s why BurstIQ was built to support every facet of the health and healthcare industry.

Health data lives on islands…

…but people don’t.

Welcome to Your LifeGraph™. All your data. All in one place.


It’s your data.

Protect it. Share it. Sell it. Donate it. Use it to live your life.

  • Access all of your health data in one place through your HealthWalletTM – not just medical (EMR) data, but genetic / molecular diagnostic data, behavioral health data, pharmacy data, personal fitness device data, nutrition data, etc.

  • Use your HealthWalletTM to quickly and easily share all or part of your data with the people who need it: your new primary care doctor, your private practice dermatologist, your spouse, etc. No paperwork, no faxes, no fuss.

  • Use the BurstIQ marketplace to access the things that matter to you: gain insights into your disease risk, donate your data to a research project, get personalized lifestyle coaching or health benefits, get matched to clinical trials, etc.


Use data and advanced insights to offer the right care to the right patients at the right time.


Reduce Costs

Improve Outcomes

Drive Quality

  • Know your patient’s complete history before they walk in the door… including that ER visit while they were on vacation last month and the meds they never picked up from the pharmacy.

  • Make decision support systems smarter with more complete, more timely data and deep insights.

  • Eliminate administrative overhead associated with medical record transfers.

  • Offer targeted treatments and benefits to managed care populations through the BurstIQ marketplace

  • Drive patient acquisition and retention through individualized marketing of service lines


Use machine intelligence to design individualized wellness plans and benefits.

Population Analysis
to Identify
Participant Needs

Wellness Plans

Lower Claims

  • Use machine learning to identify and engage with members or employees who would benefit most from wellness coaching, personalized medicine testing or other services – maximizing program participation and outcome: cost ROI.

  • Partner with solution providers on the BurstIQ marketplace to offer high-value benefit bundles to plan participants and prospective customers or employees.


Find the right participants for your research, and reach them directly.

Research Initiatives

Potential Participants

Participant Consent Contract

Cohort Ecosystem

Results Journal

  • Target clinical trial recruitment efforts to individuals who fit a certain genomic, proteomic or medical profile, reducing recruitment time and effort, enabling longitudinal tracking of participants, and most importantly, reducing risk and increasing trial efficacy.

  • Target in-market products to individuals who would be most likely to benefit from those products, reducing marketing costs and increasing effectiveness.

  • Find and collaborate with researchers working on complementary studies, and share some or all of your results without compromising intellectual property ownership.

  • Gain new insights by extending your research into underrepresented geographies and populations or building large-scale research cohorts.

  • Solicit donations of data for social impact or academic research.


BurstChainTM helps you make smarter products.

LifeGraphsTM help you reach the right customers.

  • Incorporate deep learning and AI into your solutions, increasing their effectiveness and value.

  • Partner with health systems and other data owners to securely and seamlessly gain access to new data streams without compromising individual privacy and security.

  • Target products and services directly to the people who are most receptive and would benefit the most from your solution.