The Bermuda Stack

Soon thereafter, PerseID was formed as the Bermuda-based joint-venture mandated to execute the duo’s vision, starting with launching a pilot of the ‘Bermuda Stack’ built on top of Shyft Network in partnership with Trunomi and BurstIQ.

The three-phased project roadmap will enable Bermudian citizens, government entities, and private enterprises to collaborate and interoperably exchange permissioned data in a much more secure and efficient manner versus inherently flawed traditional methods and flows. Specifically, the ‘Bermuda Stack’ will facilitate the digitization of government issued identification documents, utilizing and enhancing the utility of existing government records, services and processes. By developing publicly shared frameworks around identity and data protection and establishing corresponding legislation for data privacy, there is a great opportunity to be both compatible with the recent technology standards surrounding these components of personal digital identity, as well as utilizing the adaptivity inherent in the ‘Bermuda Stack’ to apply the most cutting edge technology to enhance privacy over the next 3–5 years.

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