Enterprise Blockchain Enablement
for the New Health Economy

Create health products, services and new markets that haven’t been possible until today.

The BurstIQ blockchain platform enables health applications and services to incorporate complex data ownership, consent, and monetization … at scale.

  • A global data network that connects solutions to each other and the people they serve
  • Immutable health ID and profiles for people, places, and things
  • The industry’s only Big Data blockchain that keeps data on chain and safe in the cloud
  • Granular ownership and consent for customizable data sharing – from a single data point to petabyte-scale datasets
  • Familiar interfaces to easily integrate with existing health IT solutions
  • Easy to use APIs that accelerate application development and eliminate the need for specialized blockchain development skills
  • World class security – SSAE 18 SOC2 Type 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and NIST Compliant

We enable businesses, governments and researchers to connect with each other, share data, discover new insights, build relationships, and empower their citizens and customers – all to create a healthier world.

Explore what we’re doing today:

Providers & Health Systems
Chain of Custody
Care Coordination
Workflow Optimization
Lost Revenue Recovery
Mandatory Reporting
Licensure & Credentials
Master Patient Index
Personalized Medicine
Digital Health & B2B Services
Revenue Cycle
AI Health Coaching
Care Coordination
Workflow Optimization
Addiction Recovery
Pharma & Precision Medicine
Informed Consent
Intellectual Property Ownership
Clinical Trial Management
Research Collaborations
Insurers & Employees
Personalized Benefit Plans
Incentive Programs
Claims Auto-Adjudication
Government & Public Sector
National Health Records
Universal HealthID
Pension Fund Mgmt
Public Health Services
Cross-Agency Data Sharing
Social Services

Join a global community of game-changers.

Companies that partner with BurstIQ do so because they are committed to connecting siloed systems, increasing transparency and trust, unleashing the power of data and enabling truly person-centric health and healthcare.

The BurstIQ platform allows businesses to get more from their own data, share it with the right stakeholders at the right time, and access new data streams through a global network of people, partners and products.

Developer Community
Big Data & Intelligence
Machine learning, AI, swarm intelligence and the Network Effect
& Sharing
Securely share customized data sets with customers, partners and stakeholders
HIPAA & GDPR Security
Leverage distributed blockchain to provide best-in-class data security
Access to a global network of products, customers, partners and data sources

Find out what BurstIQ can do for you.

BurstIQ’s blockchain-based platform and global data exchange enable change in every facet of the health and healthcare industry. Whether you are a digital health company, a life sciences company, a research organization, an insurer or a health system, BurstIQ can help. Find out how.

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