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Health Data Lives on Islands

But People Don’t Live on These Islands

It’s Time to Connect with LifeGraphs

Connections Provide Context

Context Leads to Insights

Insights Trigger Action

Action Delivers Value

LifeGraphs are Built for Humans

LifeGraphs are human-centric.  Based on collaborative intelligence, they dynamically assemble relationships that change with behavior patterns and characteristics.

LifeGraphs are designed to quickly drive data to insight through a combination of machine learning and human interaction. LifeGraphs provide the ability to interact with other frameworks to quickly and organically extend cognitive understanding.

BurstIQ Adaptive Intelligence Platform

Platform Features


Exponential security with data cloaking, distributing, and securing health information across multiple nodes.


Privacy, protection, and compliance everywhere.


New data is continuously integrated into LifeGraphs, discovering new relationships & uncovering new insights.



  • Built for Health Data
  • Real-time Insights Across the Continuum of Care
  • Dynamic Connections Enabling New Business Models
  • Answers to New Questions Immediately
  • Incomplete & Dirty Data Processing
  • Integrated Team Chat & Collaboration
  • Patient Identity & Verification
  • User Controlled Data Rights Management
  • Transparency
  • Sharing In & Outside of Networks
  • “Quantified” Intelligence

Connect Anything to Anywhere



The Data Grid is designed to connect structured and unstructured data streams across multiple disparate sources at transactional speed and cloud scale. It creates a frictionless environment, allowing our customers to seamlessly connect legacy solutions, new data sources, and integrate innovative digital health technologies.

BurstIQ Data Cloaking

Security for a Connected World


Identity Verification Correctly…Always

Peer-Based Trusted Connections to Share Data

Distributed Data Integrity and Protection


Micro Transactions

BurstIQ Data Cloaking service creates a highly secure peer-based horizontal and vertical trust framework to protect sensitive data. Horizontally, Data Cloaking enables high performance hybrid cloud computing and storage clusters. Vertically, Data Cloacking creates secure data containers that can only be assembled by those who are entrusted to do so.

The Only High Performance Computing Cloud Built for Health Data


Where Are You On Your Data Journey?

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Getting data to the people who need it is the difference between winning and losing. The old way doesn’t work any more. The “Internet of Things” has arrived, and with it, your data lives in the Cloud. The Cloud can be a scary place. That’s why we’re here.

Our team of highly experienced professionals and thought leaders will help you create compelling strategic data roadmaps, driving disruptive competitive advantage, identifying efficiency enhancements, ensuring cost containment, portfolio analysis, execute project recovery, and improving organizational alignment.

Not Just Any Cloud

The promise of the Cloud has the potential to revolutionize business. The Cloud is the enabler for the data transparency.

But just like any technology, it can be disastrous by limiting productivity or exposing critical data if implemented incorrectly.

Our Cloud professionals specialize in unleashing the power of the cloud. Not just any Cloud, but the right Cloud – whether the solution entails consolidating data centers, designing data warehouses, building private clouds, leveraging a hybrid cloud, or fully migrating to public cloud services.

By using our proven approach, we work with our clients to design an optimal cloud solution for your data services needs.

It’s 3am. Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Information and Cyber Security Services

BurstIQ’s data and cyber security services are focused on minimizing and managing the security risk that all health organizations face. Our practice area expertise includes mobile security, Cloud security, managed security services, policy and compliance, threat assessments, and digital forensics. We are able to address all aspects of the data security life cycle to include initial threat and solution assessments, solution design, implementation, and ongoing operations.


Helping make the world a healthier place isn’t just a tag line, it’s our passion.   We believe data can unleash the power of innovation.  We also strongly believe that individuals and their care providers should have more control of their data.  That’s why we created our manifesto.

We Believe

  • You should own your data
  • You should have access to all your data
  • You should have confidence that your data is safe
  • You should be able to trust and understand your data
  • You should be able to control who can access your data
  • You should be able to help society with your data

Our Partners

Three Pillars for Mutual Success

Shared Goals

We believe shared goals and expectations drives excellence and we partner with our clients to clearly understand, articulate, and align on these goals. Then, we leverage “best practices”, “best-in-breed,” and exceptional subject matter expertise to exceed expectations.


Every business operates with commitments and constraints. Revenue and growth commitments are dependent on tool availability within the specific timing and budgetary constraints. We honor our commitment to deliver results within the agreed constraints.


Data protection is paramount and we treat client data as if it were our own. We understand that security must be more than a point solution. As such, we deploy solutions with reliable and secure infrastructure that protects the asset base and then insulates it from assault.